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Pretty Peachy has Sundays covered. Our Sunday Section brings the best ideas for making the most of the seventh day. Kicking us off, Sam Norton describes her perfect Sunday and how it leaves her feeling refreshed for the week ahead…

Ahhhh Sundays. Pyjamas all day and comfort food, long leisurely brunches, boozy pub roasts, walks in the park, self-care and skin rituals. I adore Sundays. It’s a day for relaxing, unwinding and recuperating. As the saying goes, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

‘Its all in the preparation’

A perfect beginning to a Sunday for me starts with knowing I have no plans, zero, zilch, nada, nothing. A whole day stretching before me. Personally I love solitude so a whole weekend of no engagements is the ultimate joy. If I have planned a day of nothingness then I will have shopped and cleaned for it, ensuring I am fully prepared for hibernation whatever the season! I’ll make sure I’ve done a bit of a spruce and tidy up so I don’t have chores and a list of ‘must do’s’ disturbing my peace.

There’s going to be a lie in, so I’ll make sure sheets, and duvet and pillow covers are ironed (I know, but I do love an ironing spray smell) and on ready to fall into come Saturday night. Recently, I bought these sheets from Soak & Sleep. They are a gorgeous warm peachy pink colour and soften the more you wash them.

Stretching languorously in crumpled French linen is what Sunday mornings are made for.

‘Food and books are key’

A good Breakfast and coffee are key to starting the day right, it doesn’t have to be a huge pancake production, although I do love pancakes with all the frills. IfI’m going to have these on Sunday, I will make the batter the night before so there’s no effort the next day so I can whip them up in a jiffy.

Failing that, my ultimate go to breakfast food is sourdough toast with butter and marmite, or butter and jam and a pot of coffee. Perfect to take back to bed with me while I pick up Sunday Papers or my latest read. I can while away endless hours this way, better still if it’s raining!

That can pretty much be my whole Sunday if I have a good novel. Some of the best days I have had have been starting and finishing a really good book, one of those that you just can’t put down - except when you need to put more toast in.

Lazy Sunday book day as I call it, is my favourite. Reading helps me to relax but also sparks my creativity and imagination. As an avid reader of non-highbrow fiction tending to stray into stalker/thriller territory, here are some others I have recently finished that are definitely worth a read:

Summer Secrets - Jane Green

The Lemon Grove - Helen Walsh

The last letter from you lover - Jojo Moyes

A Stranger In The House - Shari Lapena

Her Every Fear - Peter Swanson

Lie With Me - Sabrine Durrant

You Let Me In - Lucy Clarke

I tend not to do much cooking on these days as I am in full on laze mode. I’ll get some lovely picky treats like truffle infused salami (I have just discovered this in the deli up the road), a nice cheese, some grapes, and maybe a supper of a simple pasta dish with a glass or two of red wine as I get lost in the page turner or even the odd doughnut if I'm feeling like I need a sugar hit (Crosstown Doughnuts Soho who will deliver straight to your door are unbeatable)

‘Dress to de-stress’

Although I am not seeing a soul (except for my dog) I really like to make sure I am snug in something cosy - it adds to my feeling of being cocooned and looked after. All day pjs are an option, but also these joggers from Hush are so soft and comfortable, easy to pair with a simple tee and an oversize jumper.

I love to use Diptique Jasmine, or Jo Malones Lime, Basil and Mandarin candles to make the flat smell lovely (I head to SpaceNK or direct to the Jo Malone store for all my candle-y needs). After a full-on week and previous busy weekends, a Sunday spent like this is like a retreat, a little hideaway from the world which leaves me feeling rested and recharged and I cannot recommend it enough.

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